It is a kind of return conveyor that automatically returns the pieces that are banded on the Edge Banding machines to the starting point

Yogela system consists of 5 modules: Air Moving Table, Belt Transfer Conveyor, Slowing Conveyor, Air Table and Hydraulic Automatic Lift.

The Air Moving Table transfers the finished part to the Band Transfer Conveyor. The Belt Transfer Conveyor and the Slowing Conveyor advance the good and bring it up to the Air Table.

Air Table between the Slowing Conveyor and The Operator allows the parts to be quickly and practically rotated on the table and loaded to the system with the edge to be banded.

The Hydraulic Automatic Lift can be used at the entrance of the edge banding machine and at the out of the Air Table. It automatically goes up and down with the photocells, according to the thickness of parts.

It does not need to bend or stand up when loading the parts piece by piece. Due to work safety and safety regulations, the difficulties in edge banding have been removed with Yogela, which does not bother the operator, increases work efficiency and improves the quality of the parts.

Thanks to its strong structure consisting of steel plates, sheet metal and its belt conveyor structure, both products move safety and the risk of scratching is reduced.

Since it synchronizes with the edge banding machine it is possible to adjust the moving speed. Depending on the part width and length, the speed of rolls or the movement of the band can be accelerated or slowed down.